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09. Test Your Computation One Line at a Time


An overview of using the STEP instruction to test buggy computations one line at a time.



The STEP instruction enables you to test a Computation Variable one line at a time. The STEP instruction is particularly useful if you are having trouble with a computation that isn't giving the result you expect. Using STEP, you can check each point of your computation in an effort to determine the cause of the problem.

To test a Computation variable one line at a time:

1. Open the Computation variable you want to test. At the beginning of the script, type STEP and press Enter to place the keyword on its own line.

2. Click Test. The Step Computation dialog appears. The Script box contains the Computation variable's script, with the first line highlighted. The Variables box contains the current value of the computation and the value of any variables used in the computation.

3. Click Step to move to the next line of script.

4. Continue clicking Step to move through the script one line at a time. (Click Continue to end line-by-line testing and have HotDocs test the rest of the computation in the regular way.) Dialogs will appear when variables need to be answered.

When you reach the end of the script, the computation result appears.

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