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31. HIDE/SHOW for Regular HotDocs


A work-around for Regular HotDocs (not Pro) users that provides similar functionality to HIDE/SHOW.


«ASK Personal Information»
«IF MaritalStatus-m = "Married"»
«ASK Spouse Information»
«ELSE IF MaritalStatus-m = "Divorced"»
«ASK Ex-Spouse Information»


Dialog scripts that use the HIDE/SHOW and GRAY/UNGRAY instructions are HotDocs Pro features. A workaround for HIDE/SHOW is available to regular HotDocs users by using ASK instructions in the template.

HotDocs variables can only be asked in one answer dialog. However, if you choose the Advanced button at the variable creation dialog and select the "Use only with Ask" option for that variable, then you may reference it in more than one dialog and have similar dialogs that display under different conditions.

For example, you might have a multiple choice variable that asks for marital status. If the choice is "married", then you may want to gather spouse information in a text variable named SpouseName-t. If the choice is "divorced", then you may want to gather other information or skip the dialog, or use another dialog that asks different information about the spouse (same SpouseName-t variable, different dialog). In the document template, you can include this scripting:

Not as fancy as a dialog script in HotDocs Pro, but basically similar functionality. Be sure to flag any variables that may not be answered (because they are optional) by checking the "Don't Warn if Unanswered" checkbox when creating the variable. This checkbox is found by clicking the "Advanced" button at the variable creation dialog.

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