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36. HIDE/GRAY Additional Text


How to HIDE or GRAY the Additional Text in a dialog.


To HIDE Additional Text:

1. In the Dialog Builder, open the dialog that contains the additional text you want to hide.

2. Temporarily drag the additional text from the Dialog Contents field down to the Additional Text field.

3. Using the keyboard, select the additional text. If the additional text is longer than 44 characters, select only the first 44 characters.

4. Press Ctrl-c to copy the selected text.

5. Drag the additional text back up to the Dialog Contents field. If you close the dialog without dragging the additional text back up, your additional text will be lost.

6. Click the Script button.

7. In the Dialog Script field, type HIDE {

8. Ctrl-v to paste in the additional text. (The additional text should immediately follow the left brace you type.)

This information can be found in page 183 of the HotDocs Pro Supplement and can be used to GRAY additional text as well.

Note on Duplicate Additional Text. It is common to use the same additional text in more than one dialog. In this case, you will note that a number is appended to the text:

{Some Additional Text1
{Some Additional Text2

When you HIDE or GRAY such text, you must include the number as well:

HIDE "{Some Additional Text1"

If the additional text is more than 44 characters long, use the first 44 characters and then the number as the 45th character.


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