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43. Change the Prompt of a Nested Dialog


How to control how a nested dialog's prompt appears on the parent dialog.


@PROMPT:This text will be the prompt


When a dialog is nested within another, it may appear on the parent dialog as a checkbox with the name of the nested dialog next to it. The name of the nested dialog may not be descriptive enough to inform the user what the checkbox is for.

If that's the case, click in the Additional Text box of the NESTED dialog and type @PROMPT:Prompt text here. Drag that up to the TOP LINE of the nested dialog. Click TEST in the nested dialog and you'll see that it has no effect on the nested dialog. However, if you click DONE and TEST on the parent dialog, you'll see that your prompt has been changed (to whatever you typed after the : in the foregoing additional text line). In this manner, you can create custom prompts for nested dialogs.

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