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48. Using Chevrons in Computations


How to insert and use chevrons ("«»") in computations.


"The full name is «FirstName» «LastName»"
"The full name is «LastName:LIKE THIS», «FirstName»"
"Multi-line Address:


"Today is «TODAY»"
"Yesterday was «TODAY - 1 DAYS»"
"The current year is «YEAR OF( TODAY )"»
"The date entered was «DateVar:6/3/1990»"


"The number entered was «NumberVar:NINE»"
"Its fifth power is «POWER( NumberVar, 5 )»"


"«COUNTER» is the current repeat iteration."


To insert chevrons in a computation, type two less-than or greater-than symbols: << >>. HotDocs will automatically convert them into chevrons.

The most useful place for chevrons is inside of a text string. This allows you to insert variables and values into the string just like you would in a document. A few examples are shown above.

Any of the HotDocs "Models" can be used between the chevrons except RESULT.

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