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49. Possessive Form of a Word


Places a possessive ending on a word, 's (Bill's) or ' (Bus').


IF "«TextVar:like this»" = "it"
TextVar + "s"
ELSE IF LAST( TextVar, 1 ) = "s" OR LAST ( TextVar, 1 ) = "x"
TextVar + "'"
TextVar + "'s"


Preliminary Note: The guidelines for forming a possessive which are followed in this computation have become somewhat archaic, although they are still regularly followed in some disciplines. But to write a computation for the more broadly accepted modern guidelines would be an enormous undertaking to say the least, and would probably be beyond the capabilities of an environment like HotDocs.

The computation examines the last letter of a text variable, TextVar. If that letter is "s" or "x", the computation returns the value of TextVar with an ' appended: Johnsons' tax' etc.

If the last letter is not an "s" or and "x", the default rule of appending an 's applies: car's mouse's etc.

The computation also takes into account the irregular possessive for "it."

The computation does not alter the contents of TextVar.

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