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55. Automatically Add Settlor/Trustor to the List of Trustees


If the Settlor/Trustor(s) are also designated to be trustees, this computation will automatically add their names at the top of the Trustees list.


// First clear the Master Trustee List
REPEAT MasterTrusteeList

SET Temp-n TO 0

// Add trustors to the master list if trustees
REPEAT Trustors
IF IsTrustee = TRUE
SET Temp-n TO Temp-n + 1
SET MasterListTrustee[Temp-n] TO Trustor

// Add all trustees to the master list
REPEAT Trustees
SET MasterListTrustee[COUNTER + Temp-n] TO Trustee


This method requires three different repeated dialogs: Trustors, Trustees, and Master Trustee List.

Trustor/Settlor information is entered in the Trustors dialog. This should include a true/false variable called "IsTrustee" which determines whether this trustor will also act as a trustee. It also contains a text variable, "Trustor."

All trustees except the trustors are entered in the Trustees dialog. This dialog has a text variable called "Trustee." The Master Trustee List will hold the combined names from the other two dialogs. It has a text variable called "MasterListTrustee."

Temp-n is a temporary number variable (set its Advanced options to "Don't warn if unanswered," "Ask only in dialog," and "Don't save in answer file").

This computation runs through the Trustors dialog and determines if each one should be included with the trustees. If so, the name is added at the top of the Master Trustee List. The computation then runs through the Trustees dialog and adds each of those names to the Master Trustee List.

This solution provides the maximum flexibility. If a list of all trustees needs to be produced, simply do a REPEAT of the Master Trustee List dialog. For signature blocks, the signatures of the Settlors can should placed first on the list and, based on whether IsTrustee is TRUE, the name should be made to read either "«TrustorName», Settlor and Trustee" or "«TrustorName», Settlor." Since you would not want to repeat the settlor's signature among the other trustees, you would then do a REPEAT of the Trustees dialog to produce the signature lines for the remaining trustees.

For this computation to function properly, it should be positioned in the document after both the Trustors dialog and the Trustees dialog. Alternatively, you can place "ASK Trustors" and "ASK Trustees" (without quotes) as the first two lines of the computation. This will force those two dialogs to be asked when the computation is run.

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