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This website aims to provide free resources for Hotdocs developers. When I first started developing HotDocs templates, there were a few websites and a forum that allowed me to understand better how to make quality templates. These websites also allowed me to meet other HotDocs developers who assisted me when I was stuck on a problem. Unfortunately, many of these resources are now deprecated or gone.

Recently, HotDocs announced they would be shutting down their Forum site. Not having a place for developers to ask each other questions would result in a loss of community, and it would ultimately harm HotDocs in the long run.  

This site aims to offer to provide a resource for HotDocs developers. 

Over time, we will be adding additional resources. For now, we have a Forum Page that can be accessed below. 

We encourage you to go to your prior HotDocs Forum post and copy it into a new post here. This would help to preserve some of the solve problems.  

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